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With a little over 50 percent of our population aged 25 or lesser, we have observed a steep increase in the number of nuclear families. this has resulted in a higher demand for real estate, especially in housing and living spaces. Add to that the higher disposable incomes along with higher aspirations, and you can almost see the real estate graph rising.

But the real cherry on the cake has been the increase in foreign investments in the last couple of years. And, with rupee value decreasing, NRI investors have exploited the opportunity and feel this is the ideal time to invest in Indian realty. As a result, Indian real estate has seen major infrastructure development leading to several corporate giants trying to establish their presence here.

Real estate is not only the biggest contributor to the GDP of the country but also the fourth largest in terms of FDI inflows. Also, the liberalisation of government policies and the expansions of industrial sectors have opened the doors to a plethora of investment opportunities.

Growing infrastructure requirements from booming sectors like education, healthcare and tourism are creating more opportunities in the real estate sector. To top that, the increase in the number of graduates and the abundance of existing routed companies is bound to attract organisations to start their operations based out of India, creating more demand for commercial spaces.

Lastly, the rupee has depreciated in value in the recent years, and there has been a generous FDI inflow. Now is the perfect time for NRIs to invest Indian real estate. They will reap handsome rewards.

Girish Puravankara

Chairman and Managing Director


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